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The History of Evolution and Natural Selection

Within much of western science prior to the 6th century BC, creation myths pervaded much of the answers to the creation of the universe and the species within it. Aristotle had proposed a taxonomy of nature. Amongst the Ancient Greeks, Empedocles had proposed an early form of spontaneous generation, where individuals were assembled from parts … Continue reading The History of Evolution and Natural Selection

Natural Selection and Adaptation

Natural selection is the key mechanism through with evolutionary change occurs and has led to the near infinite modifications that we see in the biological diversity of the world today. In order for natural selection to occur, three conditions must be met. First, there must be variation – individuals differing from each other – within … Continue reading Natural Selection and Adaptation

Nutrient Cycling and Decomposition

The source of all essential nutrients is either in the atmosphere or in the form of rocks and minerals around us. These nutrients make their way through living and inorganic forms through nutrient cycling. As organisms are develop, they take in these nutrients and store them in their tissues and/or use them for life’s processes, … Continue reading Nutrient Cycling and Decomposition