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As a scientist it is my job to seek avenues for exploration and untold stories around every corner. Enthralled in my youth by the artful prose of wildlife presenters such as Sir David Attenborough, Chris and Martin Kratt, and David Suzuki, and inspired by a generation of online content creators who pioneered an era limited only by their imagination, I’ve made it my mission to share these stories to wider audiences.

My goals are two-fold: (1) to foster a personal connection with young audiences showing that science, and the diverse range of scientists that are pushing the boundaries of global knowledge, can be a lot of fun and (2) to give an honest portrayal of the mindset and processes by which scientific discoveries are made. Through in-person presentations, audio-visual media, and the power of the written word, I aim to inspire future generations of young scientists to integrate critical-thinking and the scientific method into their day-to-day lives and perhaps pursue a career in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM).

Select Academic Talks

Public Outreach

WildArun #Explores

Bringing the lesser-known stories of the earth’s plants and animals to light, all in the palm of your hand. Read more…

Ecology Everywhere

From life history strategies to the Red Queen hypothesis, think of this as the class you wish you’d taken in college. Read more…

Scary Science

Wonder what happens when maggots grow inside your face? Are mutant fruit tasty? Find the answers to these questions and more. Read more…

Presentations & Workshops

From scaring fish to teaching scientists how to communicate outside the ivory tower, I’ve had the good fortune to speak around the world. Read more…


My various musings as I continue along the path of a scholar. Read more…

Project TBD

Stay tuned for news on an upcoming project.