Maggots Inside Humans?

Myiasis, or flystrike, is an infestation of live maggots inside animal (including human) tissue.

What Were Human Zoos?

European fascination with preserving “vanishing” cultural heritage led them to showcase human culture in a shocking way in the name of science.

The Most Terrifying Bird To Ever Live?

From the extinction of the Tyrannosaurs came the era of the Terror Birds.

Slavery, Kidnapping, and Murder

Unlike most ant species, slavemaker ants kidnap, murder, and bathe in the blood of their victims to get their way.

Afraid to Fall Asleep?

For those who suffer from sleep paralysis, falling asleep can be a literal nightmare!

Are Graboids Real?

This real-life graboid hides on the ocean floor, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Real-life Mutant Plants

Before modern genetic engineering, scientists were attempting to improve agriculture through the use of World War II-era nuclear power.