A Map of My Travels

*Pinned post* An ongoing map of my travels around the globe.

Life History Strategies

An organism’s life history is the pattern of growth, development, and reproduction over the course of its life. Since fitness is a measure of the organism’s reproductive success, we know that natural selection will favour the life history strategy that results in the greatest number of offspring that survive to produce offspring of their own. … Continue reading Life History Strategies

Where Do New Species Come From?

A fundamental question in ecology is the question of how the vast diversity of species that we find on this planet originate.   Key to this is the idea of reproductive isolation, or the group of mechanisms which prevent two groups of living organisms from breeding with each other. Reproductive isolation can be subdivided into … Continue reading Where Do New Species Come From?

Maggots Inside Humans?

Myiasis, or flystrike, is an infestation of live maggots inside animal (including human) tissue.

What is a Species?

The task of classification of organisms has remained a daunting task ever since we humans began to group what we consider to be closely related living beings together.   In the mid 1700s, Swedish botanist, zoologist, and physician Carolus Linnaeus wrote the System Naturae, a way of organizing living beings into a hierarchical fashion. Combined … Continue reading What is a Species?

What Were Human Zoos?

European fascination with preserving “vanishing” cultural heritage led them to showcase human culture in a shocking way in the name of science.

Origin of Life

While Darwin and Wallace’s theory of evolution explains the vast diversity of species we see today, their theory doesn’t offer an explanation as to HOW life came to be on our planet 3.2 billion years ago. We know from looking at extant species today that certain properties of life are maintained and thus have been … Continue reading Origin of Life

Natural Selection and Adaptation

Natural selection is the key mechanism through with evolutionary change occurs and has led to the near infinite modifications that we see in the biological diversity of the world today. In order for natural selection to occur, three conditions must be met. First, there must be variation – individuals differing from each other – within … Continue reading Natural Selection and Adaptation


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